With Traffic Factory 2.0 you can:

  • Build Complete Websites in Minutes and Upload them automatically to any of 15 AWS S3 Regions, Microsoft Azure or FTP account
  • Geo Target your Websites to over 500,000 locations world wide
  • Build Massive high authority PBN’s in Hours
  • Choose from over 40 Website templates
  • Add Spun Schema Markup to every page automatically
  • Add Multi-Level interlinked Silo structure to your sites
  • Embed iFramed content anywhere
  • Build massive numbers of high authority back-links to your Money or Buffer sites
  • Build massive embed networks for your Youtube Videos
  • And much, much more
  • All this with NO Hosting, NO Domain Names, NO Proxies or any other software required.

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What you Get with Traffic Factory 2.0

  • Windows Desktop Software – keep all your data and campaigns safe on your own machines
  • Build and Upload Unlimited complete Websites automatically or manually
  • Build Massive High Authority PBNs in Hours not weeks or days
  • Build Massive Affiliate campaigns in minutes
  • Generate Unlimited high authority SEO optimized Pages for your Blogs or Sites
  • Target over 500,000 worldwide locations with the Geo Data files we provide
  • Choose from dozens of different website themes for your sites
  • Free Done For You Affiliate Campaigns
  • Over the Shoulder Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • Free membership in our private FaceBook Master Mind Group
  • Free Membership in our Private Skype Master Mind Group
  • Free Membership in our Affiliate Syndication Group
  • Special Customer Discounts on all Our other SEO Software Products

“This new version of an already powerful mass page creator can run circles around other mass page builders. It seamlessly uploads to S3, you can build your HTML pages with Schema or AMP-enabled, you can create massive citations because the pages are on AWS, they are also super fast to load. All these features mean these pages are loved by Google and can rank well with a little bit of backlinking. Your pages can also be siloed together with each one redirecting to any URL you choose. Embed videos or maps, iframe GMB posts for local power, there are very few methods of building HTML pages that this cannot handle with ease. And to make it easier yet, templates are included for those not proficient in HTML! There is everything to like in this new version of Traffic Factory”  – Terry P.

“My favorite thing about Traffic Factory is going after foreign languages, it’s almost unfair. When you can borrow the authority of one of the biggest, most powerful websites around and make thousands upon thousands of those sites, driving traffic gets really fun.

Another cool feature is when you get a campaign set up, all you need to do is make a few small tweaks, hit upload and out spits another 10,000 sites in less than 15 minutes.

Now with all the added uses of TF, Link Building & embedding things like videos 1 million times. We have a Real Power House that can move the needle. Really Cool Tool & Not a Shiny Object.” Ray P.

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I just built a 30,000 page site on Amazon. Man Gary, I did a small batch of indexing and I have 8 pages showing up. FIVE of them are ranking number one in Google. This is AMAZING! Thank You Sir.


Gary, that site I mentioned in MOFO was my Bitcoin build. 1200 clicks, 40 opt-ins and 5 sign ups in 3-4 days!


3 days ago I uploaded a 40k site and trying to get it indexed since then. In Google today I see only about 570 pages indexed but then did run a full rank checker for all 40k keywords and surprisingly I got 17,491 (!) rankings in page 1 or 2 (I didn't check beyond page 2). Most stuff very long tail of course. For some rankings I get even multiple results, e.g. This one dominates the first 7 spots.


I am still indexing the first few thousand pages of a 13k page upload so far but the DFY Dog Training had been producing a good 10 clicks a day since I put it up 5 days ago. It is quite simple to deploy everything, and in a short period of time. Just a few simple steps to follow, and input the required info all together in the software, and boom.. Done!


Let's get specific: Just one run of Traffic Factory is sending a constant flow of 10 new leads every day to a professional services client of mine, and these leads are all local. That's market penetration and soon to be domination. Oh, and doing the same via Adwords would cost well over $100/day... That's value!


One of the easiest ways to start earning revenue, or increase the revenue you're already earning online is to capture long tail and geo targeted traffic, but usually doing so means a lot of tedious work on building a site. Traffic factory takes that tedious work out of the equation. It let's you quickly and easily capture traffic that might otherwise take months to attain, and gives you the flexibility to do what you please with that traffic. A little creativity can go a long way and mean lots of $$$ when using Traffic Facrory. Whether you're doing local SEO, or building affiliate campaigns, Traffic Facrory is a must-have tool.


Little success share - this was the first one I did that wasn't affiliate oriented, its for a lead Gen site we have, in a top 5 metro area, the other mass page sites we have aren't ranking like this, and certainly not overnight


After using Traffic Facrory for a little over a month, I'm convinced it is a powerful force I can turn loose on my world. I've seen tremendous traffic increases in every campaign and have gotten a new client by running a couple of campaigns to his URLs. On our first meeting, this new client said he didn't think he could afford the 1k per month I quoted him, I said give me $20 and we'll sit down together again in two weeks. When we met today, he had a check and told me he can't afford NOT to hire me based on his increased traffic and sales. Yay me (thanks to Traffic Facrory). If you use Traffic Facrory, you'll see results !

Terry P.

I have been using Traffic Facrory for a little over a month now. During that time I have been working daily running campaigns in the US, Australia, the UK and Canada and in just a little over a month am getting almost 100 clicks a day.

Jim CP

With Traffic Facrory, i was finally able to go after all the long tail keywords in a niche.


I am a Norwegian marketer and I use Traffic Facrory for reputation marketing. I remover all negative information about my client that are on page 1 at Google search and fill it with positive information. Traffic Facrory is the perfect tool for this job! Arild Folgero


We use Traffic Facrory to send massive traffic to clients video, Image, pod-cast and website in different languages Arild Folgero


What do I think? It's Awesome! I just built a site in 1 day and it's already ranking in Google, not just the first page but in the number 1 spot in some cases, for some really good keyword terms. I have received 2 calls in a payper call campaign. Not long enough to get paid but that's good traffic.


Seriously, there’s nothing like this on the market right now In fact, it’s so good, it’s in a league of its own.

This revolutionary software employs the most advanced optimization and revenue-generation secret in current practice…

And the Results are…

The beauty of the tool lies in its simplicity.
Complete SEO Optimized Websites can be built in Minutes in


1. Add Content

2. Build A Powerhouse Site

3. Upload and Submit Your Site in Minutes

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